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Disney Bus Wait Times

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Wondering when your Disney bus will show up? It is nice to know when you can expect your bus to arrive. Luckily, Disney, has you covered. Well, some of the time. Here are the ways that you can find out the Disney bus wait times on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Disney Bus Wait Times Title photo showing a Disney bus on top at Disney Springs, with the words "How to Find Disney Bus Wait Times" below, and at the bottom is an image with people waiting at a bus stop at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

Disney Bus Wait Times

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Having taken many Walt Disney World vacations, I have spent a lot of time wondering when our bus would show up. Way too much time to be honest.

Several years back now Disney finally started to help their guests out by sharing the bus arrival times with them. Although the system isn’t as perfect as I would like it to be, I’ll take what I can get.

The first thing to note is that currently the arrival times are only given for the resort buses. Meaning that if you are at your resort waiting for a bus to take you to one of the Walt Disney World theme parks then you can see the arrival times. The arrival times for when a bus will pick you up at those theme parks and take you back to your Walt Disney World resort are not available.

The other thing to note is that you might have to wait a bit to know the time. With the way Disney’s system currently works they don’t have a set time when to expect the bus and often will leave the time information blank until the point when they have a good idea of what time the bus will arrive.

Of course, the bus times aren’t a perfect science either. Traffic and other situations can set the bus back. These situations can cause the bus times to be changed. As frustrating as it can be to see the time get pushed back, it is nicer than thinking, “the bus was supposed to be here five minutes ago, so where is it?”

How to Track the Arrival of Your Disney Bus

To help make things easier Disney offers several options for finding out the arrival times of the resort buses. The way that works best for you really depends on where you are at the resort. Not all of these ways work in all locations.

Bus Stop Time Monitor which shows the the bus arrival times.

Disney Bus Stop Time Monitors

At the official Disney bus stops, there are monitors hung that show the bus times. The monitors actually contain a lot of helpful information. They show the time, the current temperature, and upcoming temps for later in the day. They also have columns showing every location that the Disney buses can take you to.

In the theme park columns, you’ll see the park hours for the day along with any special event hours that might be happening. It will also note if a location is not open that day. It is extremely rare for a theme park or Disney Springs to be closed, but there are times when one of the water parks is down for refurbishment.

For guests staying at resorts that offer alternative transportation besides buses, for example, Disney’s Skyliner, information on that transportation will be listed as well.

With these boards, a bus arrival time simply isn’t listed if one is not available at that time. Once one is available the time will appear on the screen for whatever destination the arriving bus is heading towards. Times will update and change on the board as needed.

One thing to note about the monitors is that they can be very spread out and you might not be able to see them from where you are waiting for a bus. Although if you are able to view the monitor it’s the easiest way to track the bus.

The other thing to note is that this is the only option for seeing the bus times if you are at a resort you are not staying at. So if you went to Fort Wilderness to have dinner at Trail’s End and want to know what time the bus to Epcot arrives to see if you will make it in time for Harmonious this is the only option that will work for you.

Disney Bus Times on the My Disney Experience App

If you’re taking a Walt Disney World vacation one of the first things you need to know is the My Disney Experience app will be your best friend during your vacation. There are so many things that it does, one of which is giving you the bus stop arrival times.

Personally, I like using my app to check the bus arrival times best because I can see it wherever I am at. This was especially handy when we were staying at Caribbean Beach and the bus stop was just outside. With a click glance at the app, we knew if we should head out to the bus stop or not. Although I don’t recommend this strategy before the parks open because the lines to get on the bus are always long then.

Screen shot of the My Disney Experience app showing the bus times for the Aruba bus stop at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

The one thing to note is that you will only be able to access this information on your app if you are a current resort guest and are physically at the resort you’re staying at.

To find the bus times on your app you’ll go into the “my resort” area and then click on “bus times.” Also if you’re staying at a resort that has multiple bus stops be sure to click on the correct stop that you will use. For example in the image above you can see I’m looking at bus times for Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and I have selected the Aruba stop.

For more help on how to find the bus times on your app watch this short video from Disney!

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“Hey Disney!” What are the Disney Bus Wait Times?

If you love using an Alexa device in your home then you’re going to love using “Hey Disney!” to find out bus wait times.

“Hey Disney!” is an Alexa device made for Walt Disney World resorts. Eventually, each resort room will have one of these Alexa-type devices and their use will be complimentary to all resort guests.

The “Hey Disney!” device will offer a number of services to help make your resort stay easier as well as more entertaining. There are a number of different questions that you can ask it. One of them is which time the next bus should be arriving at your resort.

The bus stop at Disney's Pop Century Resort with a bus stopped at the last stop.

Wondering when the next bus will arrive can be frustrating, and hearing your child ask when it will come might be just as difficult to hear as, “are we there yet?” With these different options though you can have some idea of what the Disney bus wait times are. Then you’ll have an idea of when the next bus will be picking you up. Maybe someday in the future, we’ll even be given pick-up times for the theme park stops for taking us back to our resorts. Well, we can at least dream of that.

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